Welcome to the family-friendly Sunshine Coast dentists

At Kawana Dental we make every effort to make the experience as pleasant as possible - for all ages.

This website has everything you want to know if you "drill deep enough". (OK, that was only funny if you are not scared of the dentist!)

We really are a bunch of very happy Sunshine Coast dentists and hygienists who are exceptionally proud of the quality and range of our services.

We focus on creating happy and non fearful patients.


We don't need mission statements. We know we can

1. Exceed your expectations.

2. Provide a compassionate professional environment for all ages (and fear levels)

3. Provide multiple and affordable options for healthy and beautiful teeth without breaking the bank

Whether you are looking for a family dentist for yourself and your kids, whiter, straighter, more beautiful teeth, solutions for a broken tooth, fresher breath, snoring solutions, emergency pain relief or just plain advice, we ARE a truly skilled team.

We can even tell you how to avoid ever having another filling or extraction!!!

What sets us apart?

We are a 30 year family-owned and run expert team of Sunshine Coast dentists, therapist/hygienists offering....

  • The friendliest team :)
  • Sophisticated sedation (some techniques with Medicare rebate)
  • Widescreen TV on the ceiling of all dental surgeries to distract/entertain you during your treatment. Please bring your favourite DVD to watch or choose from our collection. (Surf movies anyone?)
  • Toys and TV in the kids' play area.
  • Hicaps for instant health fund claims.
  • Payment Plans
  • The latest in dental technologies, including low-radiation digital x-rays, 3D conebeam imaging and microscopes.
  • Other high tech toys like lasers and intraoral scanners for the most up to date and expert procedures available including invisible/no braces Invisalign and specialist endodontics