Cosmetic Dentistry

Before and after closing gaps.

Before and after correcting a small tooth.

Before and after contouring crooked teeth.

Before and after placing veneers.

Reshaping with veneers.

Before and after replacing crowns.

Before and after whitening.

Before and after replacing amalgam.

Everyone knows that a beautiful smile opens all doors.

Cosmetic dentistry is all about appearance - making teeth whiter, straighter or more even, gums that are a healthy pink colour and smiles that sparkle.

At Kawana Dental  we use a wide range of tooth coloured and cosmetic fillings and restorations. These include bio-compatible composites or glass ionomers as well as a range of porcelain, zirconium, ceramic or even gold! We can match the natural colour of a tooth so that it is barely noticeable or make it "better looking" than it ever was! 

We enjoy the privilege of being able to enhance a patient's self confidence and smile, so aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is a vital and important part of our practice.

Some of the more common procedures in which we take particular pride.


Contouring and reshaping


Onlays, crowns and bridges

to provide strength as well as beauty

Whitening and bleaching

Laser reshaping

of gum heights and shapes can enhance the overall appearance.  

Replacing amalgams

We are in the process of adding more and better photos than these very old clinical photos...we may be great at making smiles but are still learning how to get not so graphic ?scary evidence on our website!!!!

Sometimes orthodontics, in particular Invisalign, is used to position teeth for maximum cosmetic effect before the above procedures.

Click here to find out more about Invisalign.

Which techniques should be used to improve your smile?  Sometimes combinations of the above will provide the best result.

A dental examination will take many factors into consideration, including your overall oral health.

Your choice of professional care is one of the most important decisions you can make. We believe our expert Kawana Dental team are able to provide the full range of options of the highest quality cosmetic care with "state of the art" skill and techniques for a Sunshine Coast smile.