Dental Emergency

If you have been avoiding us, some of the below emergencies WILL eventually happen.

(Same happens if you never put oil in your car)

Follow the first aid steps below.....if you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation.

Contact us on 5444 7111 and leave a message. If it is out of hours our staff will call you on our next business day to arrange a time as soon as possible.

If you feel it can't wait, please contact your Dentist on their mobile number which will be on your last appointment card or account.

In an extreme situation for example facial trauma due to car accident etc... go straight to the closest hospital... emergency number 000

Knocked out tooth... keep scrolling down for more....

  • Remain Calm and reassure the patient
  • Gently clean the area to determine the extent of the injury
  • Decide if the tooth is an adult or baby tooth
  • Do not replace a baby tooth: seek advice from a dental professional
  • Always replace adult teeth.

Baby tooth:

If it's a baby tooth, leave it alone....they should never be put back.  Make an appointment, but try not to transmit your anxiety to the child

Adult tooth:

  • Hold the tooth by the crown or top only, not the root
  • Wipe it on the inside of the owners cheek if it's really covered in obvious dirt, but otherwise just get it back in ASAP.
  • Anything longer than about 7 minutes means the tooth has little chance of surviving long-term.
  • Get the patient to try to hold it in or bite gently on a handkerchief.
  • Then get down here as soon as possible.

Forget everything you've ever read about storing the tooth in milk or gladwrap.  Just put it straight back in the socket no matter how gruesome that seems.

Front tooth pushed back (Subluxated)

Not knocked out.....

  • slowly but firmly push the teeth back (or more usually forward) into position.

It is important that the front teeth are repositioned so the back teeth can touch ASAP.

Broken tooth...

If it's a small piece nowhere near the gum, it will probably be OK for a week or two before you see us.  Anything larger will need an urgent visit to the dentist, to try to avoid a root canal/endodontic treatment or extraction.

Link to Deb's personal experience with a broken front tooth while travelling over seas.


If it's just sensitive to cold/sweets, this is good. It's probably going to be an easy fix or even just advice on brushing differently. But DON'T "leave it" in the hope it goes away. How long would you drive your car with the oil light on or smoke coming out of the bonnet?

If it's sensitive to hot as well, it may be an abscess developing. Don't leave it.

If it's aching all the time, we have a problem. There are flames coming out of the engine. Just get here fast.....before you end up with......

Facial Swelling....

Just get here quickly, or to a hospital if out of business hours (facial swelling is life threatening if untreated).

Wisdom teeth

All teens need an OPG to check out wisdom teeth position. See more in Extraction section.

For emergency pain/swelling, rinse many times a day with hot salty water to help drain the pus causing the pain....then get here quickly, even if the pain goes away. Procrastination may make the problem far worse.