Dental Phobics

Fear of "the dentist" or "dentists" is pretty common. We all have phobic friends with horror stories. If you've had bad experiences with dentists in the past, especially as a child, the thought of a drill or even "that smell" can put you off.

It's our aim to get you beyond those "memories". Waiting until you HAVE to go because pain or some other problem only keeps that horrible cycle going.

(Only servicing your car when the oil light is on and smoke coming from the bonnet gets a similar result!)

It is often appropriate to schedule a brief consultation time with one of our caring dentists or hygienists to discuss your concerns and possible strategies before actually beginning any treatment.

Some of our great techniques to get you phobics comfortable include...

Relative analgesia (laughing gas)

Twilight sedation

and if necessary (rare), full General anaesthesia.

For information on these check out Sedation link and Family dentistry

Here are some tips to help prepare you for an appointment:

  • A few hours before your visit, refrain from drinking coffee, soft drinks, or any other beverage that may make you jittery and nervous.
  • Eat foods high in protein, such as cheese and eggs, because they can produce a calming effect on your body.

  • Don't rush getting dressed or driving to your appointment.

  • Get plenty of rest the night before, so you arrive calm and relaxed.

  • Arrive early and use our massage chair to relax before your appointment

  • Tell our office and your dentist if you are especially nervous so that a treatment plan can be designed specifically for you.

  • Bring a favourite DVD to watch, a CD to listen to, or choose one of ours to watch during a procedure.

We at Kawana Dental are proud of helping thousands of patients to not fear dentistry.

We enjoy treating happy people!

Of course, it's much more fun for us too. It's great to watch a new patient change from saying "It's not you personally...I just hate going to the dentist" to confidently looking forward to treatment.

Our small aim is to change the whole perception of dentists. When did you last see a movie where the dentist was the good guy  :-)