Payment Plan

How the DentiCare payment plan works at Kawana Dental

You and your family's dental health needs are our priority. But sometimes finances mean payment plans are necessary. We have researched health payment plans (including Mac Care and GE) and believe Denticare is the most cost effective option for you currently. 


How Denticare works:

Firstly, you need to be gainfully employed and be an Australian citizen

Terms and Conditions will apply.

The total amount must be over $1000.00

A complete examination with x-rays must be carried out at your own expense prior to commencement of the Denticare payment plan.

A treatment plan will be prepared at this point. Treatment plans are an estimate only.  A "best guess" as to what is required.  Sometimes unforeseen problems (such as cracks, hidden decay or dead nerves) may be revealed during treatment.

One of our receptionists will then provide you with all the relevant paperwork and repayment figures.

A 20% deposit of the total treatment cost is payable to Kawana Dental upfront.

An administration fee is payable up front also to Kawana Dental.  This varies depending on the amount of the plan.

Reception will advise of this figure.

A one-off $39.00 set up fee will be charged by Denticare in your first repayment.

The payment plan can be debited weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  The length of the loan will be at you and your Dentist's discretion.

There is a 1.95% fee if payments are debited from your credit or debit card including Visa or Mastercard and 3.25% for Amex.

There is a $0.88 fee per transaction for bank account transactions.