Tooth Whitening

Like it or not, a bright beautiful smile is increasingly important in today's world. Some people unfortunately are not blessed with naturally white bright teeth. Food and drink, smoking, as well as thinning of the enamel due to acids or ageing can all further darken teeth. Most people can restore a brighter smile with expert bleaching of the teeth.

Caution needs to be taken. Research indicates that most over the counter preparations are virtually useless at best, OR damaging... being very alkaline or acid or abrasive at worst. A full examination before beginning is very important to detect any possible problems due to tooth wear, gum issues or areas of potential sensitivity. Sensitivity can be avoided with smart use of Tooth mousse or other products we can advise you on.

Kawana Dental ZOOM

Using "ZOOM"(that "Extreme Makeover" product) of a patented particular wavelength light and gel combination, bleaching of up to 9 shades can be done in around an hour. This technique is good for people wanting an "instant" or maximal result before an important event.... like your school formal or wedding.

Home Bleaching

Impressions need to be taken to make the special trays or stents which will hold the whitening gel. Depending on the type of bleach the trays are worn for a couple of hours or overnight. There will be a gradual change over a couple of weeks. The bleaching trays can be repeatedly used.

When having Zoom, we supply the take home trays to allow "top up" and maintenance.

The Wedding Party Package

OFFER 1: $75 off Zoom whitening for the Bride or Groom.

OFFER 1: Group of 3 and the 3rd gets 1/2 price

OFFER 2: Group of 4 and the 4th gets zoom for FREE

So if you are wanting to have your whitest smile for your wedding this is what to do: Call 5444 7111 and mention our website offer to receive the discount or type in "WEDDING SPECIAL" when requesting an appointment from the button above.

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